Why I Blog

Sometimes I sit and think – “Why in the world am I blogging?” There are millions of more artistic, creative, articulate, and generally fantastic bloggers. And yet here I am…pressing that “publish” button. So why do I do it?

1) I need it – for my own mind and heart. God has made me to be someone who processes much of life through writing. Thinking it through prayerfully, organizing and communicating – it’s how I make sense out of everything going on in and around me. A philosopher once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” For me, writing and blogging is part of my effort at living an examined life.

2) For my family. I have been blessed with a sweet and growing family. My blog is a fun place to record and remember our life through stories, pictures and words. It’s also an easy way to share with our extended family and friends.

3) A creative outlet. I love to write, take pictures, and engage in just about any form of creativity. What a gift, to share (in a small way!) in our Creator’s work by being creative ourselves! As a young wife and mother my time is quite limited, but having this small slice of the blogosphere to call my own is so fun. It motivates me to keep writing, even if it’s just for 15 minutes here or there.

4) For you. I hope you’ll be encouraged, inspired, challenged, blessed or comforted when you stop here and read my latest posts. I pray that the Lord will speak through me. In some ways, I consider this a ministry – to the Lord and others in my sphere of influence.

Well, there it is!

I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions & questions –

shoot me an e-mail anytime: jordancarlson21@gmail.com

❤ jc

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