Best of…

New to following my blog? Check out these posts that are some of mine and readers’ favorites to get a feel for who I am and what to expect here! I hope you’ll enjoy and be blessed… ❤


Faith – 

Broken hearts & the faithfulness of God.

Consider One Another

A Morning Prayer {Psalm 5}

a much-needed sabbath day

The God who sees me.

Feeling Distant


My Family –

awkward things your kids might say {if you read them Bible stories!}

a nowhere-to-go kind of morning

 naming our baby boy!

what kaya did on the day jesus was supposed to come back

  Dear Papa

Many hands make messy work.

three years ago…


Crafty Projects –

 Baby Button Monogram

Kaya’s New Dress

Kaya’s New Apron

Simple Toddler Art


Marriage & Motherhood – 

A Vision for Home

Not Alone

A Mother’s Heart

What I’m Really Thankful For

Friendship…& The Ugly Side of Love

A Place Inside

Musings on Playdates & Titus 2

Weariness & Psalm 46 {a word for a tired mama}

it takes a heap o’ livin’ in a house t’ make it home

8 Tips for New Mamas


Personal – 


on 4 years of youth ministry…

holding on for spring & miracles.

Some things I love…

Power Perfected in Weakness

The Reading Regimen {one key for personal growth}


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