About Me

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Hi! I’m Jordan. Christ-follower, wife to Nels, and mama to three beloved babies! God has led me to embrace my role as wife, mother and homemaker and I am daily finding joy and struggle in that, and finding that His grace is sufficient for me. 

Studying God’s Word, growing closer to Him and learning to live abundantly are passionate pursuits of mine. I’m a wanna-be-artist, a domestic-arts-novice and an eager learner. A native Midwest girl living in West Virginia, former YWAM-er, and graduate of Midwestern Baptist College, I’m often hungry for adventure, yet also treasure the coziness, peace and love of home. I love missions, great literature, outdoor excursions, cooking, fresh flowers, beautiful photos, coffee dates and writing.

On my blog I hope you’ll find encouragement, maybe a laugh or a smile, a few memoirs of a family seeking to live for the LORD, and thoughts and photos from a truth and beauty lover. ❤ Hope you enjoy!

❤ Jordan

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey! You have a blog! But I guess it would be better to say “who doesn’t?” I actually know quite a few people who don’t so I get excited when someone I know or used to know has one.

    And I just happened to see my link up there. Just how long have you been reading my blog, young lady? Very nice. And flattering!

  2. What a gift you are Jordan. God has given you such wonderful gifts. I love the pictures of you and Nels and your precious beautiful baby.

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  4. You are a beautiful wife and mother! Your home will be so blessed… your ‘Proverbs 31’ heart is already in place. Home is the best place to be, isn’t it? 🙂 Many blessings to you and your sweet family… and a thank you to your hubby for serving our country.

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