on shutting it down…

Heyo friends. ❤

I've been considering lately the direction of life and blogging and where the Lord might be leading me with both. Writing has been so much a part of my life and ministry (& THERAPY! heh), and it always will be, but I sense this season being one of change and new direction.

This blog has been a companion of mine for about 7 years. There's a lot of my heart and life composing it's pages…most of it I am proud of, some of it not as much, and there is much that I would write and present differently. In 7 years our family has changed and I have become a bit of a different person. Writing and sharing from my heart will always be an outlet that I need and love, I truly believe. Yet for the time being I sense the need for a clean break – a few months of time away, processing what has been and what will be…thinking and praying for what the next chapter in life will be like, and what the next chapter of writing and sharing some of that via blog will look like.

So, thanks for being faithful and encouraging readers. Thanks for your feedback on topics, your support of our family, your interest in me and what God is doing in my life. I am excited to hopefully come back to blogging renewed and with a more focused vision in a few months. This site may be revived, or I may begin a new one. I would appreciate your prayers for myself and my family as we are in the midst of a big transition in all areas – we are seeing the Lord do a new work and we are so thankful to be involved in seeing His kingdom come.

If you have thoughts for me regarding blog ideas and what you’d like to see in the future, shoot me an e-mail at Jordancarlson21@gmail.com 😉

With love,



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