some random things…;-)

hey friends, happy sunday! are we freezing yet? 😉 here’s whats on my mind… how about you?

currently reading. desiring god, the well-trained mind: a guide to classical education at home, dad is fat, the music of his promises: listening to god with love, trust and obedience. eclectic much? oh yes.

freezer cooking. i’ve never done much, but i am really happy to have our freezer stuffed and i hope it will give me a little more time in my day-to-day for playing with my babies and actually crossing a thing or two off my to-do list since i’ll just need to thaw/reheat and throw together a salad or side of quinoa for most of the meals. have you done any method of freezer or advance cooking? how does it work for your family? this time i did my mom’s chili, beef stroganoff, fiesta chicken soup, sausage & white bean soup, chicken with stirfry veggies, pizza dough, italian lemon chicken, lasagna casserole and this week i’m hoping to make a double recipe of the pioneer woman’s meatloaf.

allergy testing. my youngest has allergy testing this week. seriously not looking forward to it, but i think i’ll be relieved to have it done. i am pretty certain he has reactions to dairy, eggs, strawberries, peanuts, etc…i’m hopeful there are not too many others. BUT we will see! 🙂

not.decorating. okay i say i’m not decorating for christmas (because we’re moving! have you heard? oh yes! surprise!), but i might. i can’t help it. it’s compulsive. but maybe i won’t. it would be silly…right? but if i did, here are a few things i am loving:


how cozy and wonderful is this?


i love the christmas ornaments inside these lanterns…


i always love fresh greenery and these are amazing!


sparkle sparkle! diy glitter branches


fun project for the kiddies: q-tip snowflakes

other random goodness. 

why honey would be just at home in your medicine cabinet. who needs a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down? 😉 we use honey for everything. this is my favorite.

busy, lazy, and the space in between. food for thought from challies (who i dig, by the way). thoughts on his idea for an “in-between” word?

4 dangers for complementarians.

my children are hungry again…(go figure!) 😉 enjoy your sunday! ❤



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