easy essentials

In the last year our family has come to love using doTerra essential oils (I signed up through a friend to receive discounted oils). There are hundreds of ways to use essential oils for your health and home. I enjoy the wonderful smells so much and I am thankful for their cleansing and immune-boosting properties. Plus, as we are learning to make more household products ourselves, we are saving some money!

Today I want to share a couple of the fun and easy things we’ve been doing with our essential oils lately…both of them are quick and so simple:


1. hand soap

this takes me about a minute to put together and it is healthy and affordable! you just need water, liquid castile soapand a few drops of your favorite essential oils. fill your container up with water, leaving just over an inch at the top, then add approximately 2T of castile soap and your essential oil. swish it around to blend it and you’re finished! you’ll not have to clean your sinks as often, because castile soap doesn’t scum things up like other soaps do (plus its safe for the allergen-prone among us and is biodegradable – as i learned in the enlightening book, Green Housekeeping). this soap works best in a foaming dispenser (like this – or reuse a disposable one you already have) as the mixture is a little runny. with essential oils it is best to use glass containers.

right now i’m using lemon for our kitchen hand soap and a mix of citrus bliss/onguard in the bathroom (a little immune boost for the kiddos every time they wash their hands!). you can experiment with different amounts of oil, but i use about 5 dropsl. in the winter months i may add a moisturizing oil – almond or maybe vitamin E oil – to our soap as well.


2. carpet freshener

i love the fresh smell of carpet freshener but realized that when i was using store-bought versions i was ending up with headaches from the chemicals. instead, i have one of my kids help me mix up a little bowl of baking soda plus a few drops of a favorite essential oil (lately i prefer purify, but i also love lavender for this purpose). i let one of my littles sprinkle this all over the carpet and then i vacuum it up! i think the lovely smell has inspired more frequent vacuuming for me 😉 …

Sometime soon I’m hoping to try making my own essential oil perfume and body spray.

How do you like using essential oils in your home? What are your favorite oils to use, and how? I’m curious to hear! 🙂

❤ jc

(here is my do terra website if you are interested in more info about these or other oils: http://www.mydoterra.com/jordancarlson/ )


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