on a late september afternoon…

Autumn is so rich and brilliant it makes my head spin.

Overstimulated, over caffeinated – there are so many things to do, to see, to smell, to taste and touch and sense – quick, before the winter comes! 

Lately I’m torn so much – the pleasures of the fall abound inside and out. Indoors the mulled cider candle and cozy blanket and book await, with chili warming in the crock pot. Outdoors colors are turning and the perfect weather is enticing for adventures (or laziness!) of every kind. My favorite colors and temperatures and memories are all here.

Autumn afternoons are confusing. I want to play outside. I want to stay in. I can’t make up my mind and it’s all so wonderful! 😉


(Until this guy showed up, and I decided it is much too dangerous outside. HA! Kidding, but seriously!!)


Mind made up. Inside it is. ;-P



(86% of the time that I take side-ways photos like this it’s because I’m hiding a mess of some sort — like an overflowing laundry basket waiting to be folded, in this case! Unfortunately, it still doesn’t hide the fact that i haven’t cleaned this mirror in about 3 weeks. Oops!! ;-O )



Fall is my favorite of the seasons, but it does stress me out a bit, what with full calendars and cold months approaching and the melancholy I often have to guard against when the sun-hours are fewer. It’s a trick to appreciate the gifts of autumn without allowing it’s fleeting, numbered days to sour the experience.


My emotions are unreliable, except that they are reliably crazy. As anxious thoughts have jittered around in my mind, I make prayer my discipline, my habit, my refuge – but sometimes I don’t know what to pray, or I’m embarrassed that my prayers may be contrary to His will, or I find my own prayers contradict each other and its all crazy and jumbled and I’m thankful that the Spirit, who knows the will of God, intercedes for me.

Lately most of my prayers end up repeating the chorus of this song over and over:

My heart has been heavy lately, and then suddenly and violently enthralled by the colorful gifts of God in the autumn, in precious words and delighted eyes of my children, in kindness and tender love of a friend.

I have been moved by the compassion of God lately. He is compassionate just like a father (Psalm 103:13). He knows my frame and sympathizes with my weaknesses (Hebrews 4:13) that bring me at times to despair. His lovingkindness and compassion are present, even when I don’t understand the circumstances of life. As Corrie ten Boom remembered her sister saying (in The Hiding Place) in their concentration camp, “there is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still.”


October’s coming and it looks so promising. (And my Huddy’s turning 3! wow!)

Happy Autumn, friends.


One thought on “on a late september afternoon…

  1. What heartfelt words you so beautifully weave into an autumn mood of cheer and delight and it brings us as mothers into the worship of God in everyday life!

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