Family Photos with Emma!

One of the sweetest blessings of moving to West Virginia has been getting to know the Gorman family.

Emmaline became dear to my heart even way back in the winter of this past year, when we came just to visit Morgantown. She was praying about YWAM and Kansas City (hello, one of my favorite ministries in my favorite city! And yes, she’s going!). She’s a talented, sweet, beautiful girl (she shares some of that on her new blog!) AND she’s a wizard with a camera.

Let me just say, we put Emma seriously to the test because all 3 of our kids cried sometime during this shoot. She was so kind to put up with them (& us!).

Famiy - Carlson-4

I mean our boys were obvs. totally pumped about having their pictures taken! HA HA HA!!

Famiy - Carlson-9

Famiy - Carlson-19

Famiy - Carlson-20

This boy is such a lover!!! I adore this one. And the wayward curl on the top of his head. 😉

Famiy - Carlson-26

Famiy - Carlson-27

❤ This girl! Also, if my eyelashes look long and awesome, that’s because they were. ;-P Another beautiful talented girl from our church helped me with my makeup and juiced my lashes!

Famiy - Carlson-32

Famiy - Carlson-35

Hudson for President! HAHA. Thank you, Target, for the $4 toddler blazer. My favorite purchase of the century. Breaking hearts.

Famiy - Carlson-45

Her headband is my other favorite purchase of the century. Found here.

Famiy - Carlson-53

Famiy - Carlson-54

This guy’s father teases me mercilessly about how I dress him. BUT, he’s my dolly-baby and I loooooooove it. LOL. Also, he’s a terror on earth. Completely unregenerate (& adorable).

Famiy - Carlson-58

I love the gorgeous, creamy black & white of this one – and every detail of my little girl at this becoming-big-girl/still-loves-being-held stage. ❤

Famiy - Carlson-60

Famiy - Carlson-64

Famiy - Carlson-69

Total BFFS – ❤

Famiy - Carlson-74 Famiy - Carlson-75

Thank you, Emma for sharing your gift and artistic ability with us. These will be precious memories for a long time. ❤ We are praying for you and so so proud of you following Jesus! ❤



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