fave things for littles.

I’m always thankful for other moms passing on tidbits of info on things that their family is enjoying or finding helpful, so today I thought I’d pass on a few things that I love right now for our young family (ages 4, 2 1/2 and almost 1!)…

1. Little Green Pouches. I love healthy, minimal-mess (& allergen-free!) snacks for kids…even better if they’re easy to pass out on a road trip! So we love fruit pouches, but am even more excited about these reusable “little green pouches” so I can fill and refill them with puree of whatever fresh produce we have (or organic unsweetened applesauce). I think they’ve paid for themselves in just a week. Even the baby can manage his own little pouch – hallelujah! Healthy, frugal, green, convenient & kiddo-approved do not always line up but I’m pretty happy when it does! They can also be frozen and are dishwasher safe.

2. Fall Style. If you’ve gotta keep ’em clothed, they might as well look cute, right?! 🙂 I started a littles style board on Pinterest for some wardrobe inspiration as we chip away at building a fall/winter wardrobe for our precious three.


I mean come.on. (via)


Absolutely killing me. (via)


Adorbs. (via) Check out the Etsy shop Delicately Woven for cute kiddie head wraps like this!

3. Seeds Family Worship. My kids love this music from Seeds Family Worship, and we are all benefitting from easily committing Scripture to memory through song. I recommend ordering the actual CD in the mail rather than just downloading tracks, because they send you 2 discs – one for you, one to give away to a friend. My favorite so far is Seeds of Courage.

4. Essential Oils. I have really been enjoying and benefitting from our venture into the world of essential oils, and I recently became a distributor with doTerra (check out my website here) because the discount is great. It’s a satisfying thing to be learning to make more of our household cleaners and laundry products safe, effective and natural through using essential oils. I love having On Guard on hand for an immune boost (for my kids we rub it on their feet) when the sickies abound! As our family has grown, it has become fairly complicated and unpleasant (not to mention expensive!) to zip off to the doctor over every illness and I am eager to continue to discover natural ways to strengthen the health of my little people and my love.

5. Books.  What list of kids things is complete without some books? These are a few popular ones with my 4-and 2-year olds (& me!) right now:

 home for a bunny

Home For A Bunny – Margaret Wise Brown

 the little island

The Little Island – Margaret Wise Brown

 (Okay I just really like Margaret Wise Brown! The illustrations in this book are superb.)

 the story of ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand – Munro Leaf

now we are six

Now We Are Six – A.A. Milne

We are also in love with Frog & Toad and the My First Little House Series! For my littlest little one (almost 1 year!) – and the rest of us too – I love Sandra Boynton’s board books. And Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing is a useful devotional with beautiful illustrations that always leads to meaningful conversations with our little ones. ❤

What are some of your new or old favorite, most helpful kiddo things right now? I appreciate your prayers as we are tip-toeing into homeschooling this week! WOWZA!! ;-p

❤ jc


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