here’s to August…


August is fast becoming one of my favorite months.

I almost feel like I am betraying my younger self when I say this, but – I think the fall is absolutely my favorite season.

It used to be summer, what with being a student and those being the blissful free-from-school months, the camp and pool and afternoon-drive months.

But, now that summer no longer has that advantage over me (though it does bring garden season — woop woop!), I whole-heartedly prefer the autumn.

Summer isn’t gone yet and I’m in no rush for it to make an exit – but August brings schedule and structure and anticipation of autumn – which is almost better than the thing itself. It’s birthday month for several beloved people…and one little guy that I am partial to is celebrating his very first birthday!

So here’s to August! And wringing every last and best ounce of joy out of summer…<3

a few interesting links & other fun things for your enjoyment:

Shepherding Like Jesus – sermon from the Village Church!

Who isn’t a sucker for adorable bows & headbands on little girls? I am eyeing a few from this shop for Kaya. Adorable, right?!

Ever made kombucha? Local friends, hit me up for a scoby to get you started! Free to a good home. 😉 My most recent batch (Jasmine Green tea with MO plums!) is in its 2nd ferment and I can’t wait to try it!


“Mothers should cultivate their souls, that in turn they may cultivate the souls of their children.” – Billy Graham


“Passion makes every detail important; there is no realism like the insatiable realism of love.” – GK Chesterton

What is your favorite season (or month)? Why?

Happy August, friends.


❤ jc

P.S. I updated the “Best of…” the blog page — check it out! 🙂


One thought on “here’s to August…

  1. Your blog was sweet and giving me a bit of a desperate feeling to be missing August, but never mind, we are soon to hit the road for the fun long haul on a trip northwest. (Love riding with teenagers and one almost! seriously I do–memories….) Somehow you have accented the word ‘Autumn’ in a way that has an enchantment that surpasses the month’s name itself . Time for pumpkin scones!! Your sunflowers are amazing and have that late summer/Autumnal feel and color. Love your pix of Huddy. Aged tea? Like steak?? lol Mor Mor Ju

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