put ’em in their place.

Sometimes I forget the place my children really ought to have in my life.

At times, they’re an accessory. Something pretty and charming, meant to make me look better. Are they doing well, being obedient, excelling in something? Ahh, good…maybe I’m “okay”…

At times, they’re an inconvenience, a chore, a difficult reality keeping me from some better life I’ve imagined that is less sweatpants-and-“I answered that question 13 times already” and more flattering to my ego or something.

But what are they really? How ought I really be thinking about these little ones entrusted to my care?

They’re not an idol. They’re not an obstacle.

They are a gift from the Lord. They are a blessing. {Psalm 127}

God forbid I consider them any other way.

In the midst of the mess, the expense, the exhaustion, the stretching-in-every-way, the setting-aside of other dreams…Oh, Lord! Renew my mind to truly consider them, from my heart, as a gift and a blessing, and to treasure them as You do.

❤ jc


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