how we’re treating baby’s eczema

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Our littlest little guy has had some awful eczema that got especially bad in February, a cold, dry month, that also happened to be the very stressful month that we moved! His cheeks got the worst of it, but he had itches and rough patches all over his body.

It has been a really stressful, emotional process for me. It’s awful to see your baby’s beautiful face covered with a rash. Worse to see him uncomfortable and scratching himself raw in different places. 😦 We’ve prayed for God to heal him, and prayed for wisdom in taking care of his very sensitive skin. [A big Thank-you! to those sweet friends and relatives who have been praying for him.]

His skin is not perfectly clear, but we’ve had some really awesome improvements, so I thought I’d pass on a few of these things we’ve found…

1. gentler products. i’ve cut every cleaning/laundry/bath soap or product with any harsh chemicals (i should say, we’re moving toward this…i still find some rogue products/ingredients and its taken a while to find suitable replacements!). instead i make a lot of products myself, and order a few more natural, chemical-free things online. i miss the classic johnson & johnson baby smell! even aveeno eczema products didn’t do a whole lot of good, although they were better for a while. seventh generation products have been best for him so far (even so i’m pretty cautious using any soap or lotion on him!).

2. keeping cool. it’s so tempting to over-dress babies in an attempt to be protective mama-bear! but this leads to sweating which leads to itchy discomfort and aggravated skin! we keep him dressed lightly, keep his room cool, and opt for light blankets. for a while we were running a humidifier in his room to keep him from getting too dry.

3. essential oils. when something triggers baby Z and he has an outbreak, I treat it with a few drops of Melaleuca and Lavender (one of my favorite oils, I’ve shared about here) diluted with fractionated coconut oil. sometimes we use Roman Chamomile as well, but i don’t love how it smells soooo more often that not i skip that. i try to keep problem areas treated several times daily with these gentle, soothing oils. and since essential oils have become such a big part of our life, i went ahead and took the leap to join doTerra for wholesale prices. we have loved it!

4. food trial & error. it’s been hard discerning what food sensitivities he may have, and it can be really discouraging to feel like i can’t eat anything without fear of him reacting (he’s been exclusively breastfed up until about a month ago…and is still primarily BF). i have cut eggs and peanuts entirely and he is doing a lot better. he may have some dairy or wheat issues as well. if i have a couple days of higher carb/sugar intake it seems to be a problem. i’m still not sure we have this part nailed, and i’m really hopeful he’ll outgrow any of his sensitivities!

5. probiotics. we try to make raw milk kefir really regularly. i haven’t been able to get out to get our raw milk lately, so i take a probiotic and sometimes just make kefir with organic whole milk. this, coupled with the oils, may be the biggest help for our little guy.


Has your baby had severe eczema? What things have you tried? 

I’ll update in a few months if we learn anything else that is helpful.




One thought on “how we’re treating baby’s eczema

  1. I have dealt with this same problem my whole life. Just a year ago, I started a gluten and dairy free diet/lifestyle and my eczema has all but disappeared. Still have dry skin but, it is 95% better. It’s an easy change to make now that there are so many options for gluten free eating. It takes some time before you start to see results but, once you do, you’ll never go back.
    Good luck. I know it’s not easy and everyones solution may not be your own. Keep trying, you’ll find something.
    🙂 Lisa

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