latelies & whatnot.


a few new things in our life…

1. the world & everything in it. i love WORLD magazine, and WORLD news group in general. it is excellent journalism and offers a refreshingly biblical perspective. a subscription is $5/month, and well worth it to me. they also have a great daily podcast – i like to listen to it while making breakfast or cleaning up lunch – it’s a great program! check it out if you want to keep up with some current events without being totally depressed and/or inundated with propaganda…;-)


2. easter. first major holiday away from home! we were thankful to be so sweetly included in a church family’s home celebration. our kids also enjoyed the huge easter egg hunt at church and Nels got to assist with the Tenebrae service on Friday night…I am so, sooooo missing K.C., but spring is lovely in Morgantown and God is good.


attempted tripod shot...LOL!!!!

attempted tripod shot…LOL!!!!

3. mom & dad’s visit. just prior to easter, my folks got to come visit for 5 days and we were so happy to show them our new digs and hug some familiar necks! 😉 we also got to visit cooper’s rock for the first time, enjoy a delicious dinner at Mountain State Brewing Co. and explore a state park in nearby Maryland. dad also shared his testimony with our youth group one night.


4. kefir//raw milk. in K.C. we had just started to fall in love with our raw milk provider and the many healthful benefits of raw milk, and when we moved to Morgantown we were surprised that it is not legal to sell here! thankfully, we’re not far from Pennsylvania, where it is legal, and we have a new family farmer! we’ve also recently started making kefir, which i was hesitant to try because yogurt has been a little too involved for my day-to-day life and i thought kefir would be the same, but it’s super easy and amazingly beneficial for health. even my dairy-sensitive hubby can have it because it’s fermented and the kids beg for it now. we love it blended up with frozen fruit (peaches especially!) and a dash of stevia.

5. msmnow blog. i’ve been thinking of send out a letter or e-mail to praying friends and family with some updates and prayer requests about our life and ministry here in WV – not sure if i’ll get to that soon, but one form of update i do want to mention is our youth group blog – check out the “2014 spring retreat” post – the video is really fun.

6. home. new and beautiful worshipful tunes? always awesome. lately we’ve had “home” by Kim Walker-Smith and Skyler Smith on repeat. here’s one of my favorite songs:


well, that’s all for today…..<3 

have a wonderful weekend!

❤ jc


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