Easter babies

The weather was lovely yesterday and I’d been wanting to take a few pictures of the kids in their new spring clothes so we decided it was time to try! By we I mean ‘I’…I probably should’ve waited till I had Nels around for extra hands…:) This photoshoot was an absolute comedy of errors. One kids’ shoe off, the baby eating grass, somebody sneezes (and gargantuan SNOT BUBBLE erupts…tmi? do forgive me! ha!), one is looking at the camera, the other two are arguing over who is sitting on who’s foot/dress/hand, etc. etc. etc!!! πŸ™‚ While I didn’t manage to get “the photo” I was after – of all 3 of them looking at me and smiling! – we still captured some really sweet memories and photos I’ll treasure for a long, long time. ❀ Hope you enjoy!

[Kaya 4 years | Hudson 2 1/2 | Ezra 7 mo.]


Eastertake1-008 Eastertake1-009 Eastertake1-011


Eastertake1-015 Eastertake1-017 Eastertake1-020 Eastertake1-023

Eastertake1-025 Eastertake1-028 Eastertake1-031

Eastertake1-032 Eastertake1-036 Eastertake1-037

*The bow ties the boys are wearing in some of these pictures (arrived at our door mid-photoshoot!) are from the Etsy shop Delicately Woven, run by sweet mama, Sarah. They are 3 ties for $16 and 10% of the proceeds go to support an organization serving women and children affected by sex-trafficking.*

Eastertake1-040 Eastertake1-041 Eastertake1-043

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Celebrating our forgiveness in Christ! ❀



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