House Tour: Part 2

The other day I gave you a partial tour of our home, and today I’d like to show you the rest (except for the upstairs bedroom and bathroom, because I have come to believe it will *never* be unpacked and organized…but, if one day – lo and behold! – it is? i’ll snap some photos and show you! maybe), and then if it ever stops raining we’ll do a “Part 3” of the garden and porch and such…

This weekend we bought our first “married” coffee table! Yay for craigslist scores!



I kind of can’t believe we’ve never had a coffee table, but I’m glad we do now. It makes the living room a lot more functional…and it inspired a rearrangement…



(You may remember from the previous post that the piano is opposite of these couches…)


This is the front door and hat/coat rack.

To the right of that front door is the kitchen…


(Hello, birthday roses!!!) It’s really nice to actually have a place to put a kitchen table…in our first apartment it was actually in the living room, and then in our last apartment is was half-opened in the small kitchen.



I’m looking forward to potentially sewing some little curtains for this window (and maybe one of the other two) if I find some suitable fabric this summer.

IMG_3828The sink is, in fact, empty sometimes…thanks to having a dishwasher finally! What fun. And out this window you may find our friends – the neighbor cows – grazing on a drizzly April afternoon. 🙂



The kitchen door, leading to the porch, is often confused for the front door. It actually used to be the front door, because originally the house was just the kitchen plus upstairs bed/bath. To the left of that is the stairs leading to office/guestbed/bath…


(Hello, pantry!!! Never had one of those either. I feel like a “prepper”…only not really. I’m “prepped for a week or two, maybe! ;-p)

And of course, no kitchen is complete without a little coffee nook. So, here is ours…


Now that the house is mostly settled I think we will be spending our every spare moment out in the garden! We are very eager for the planting season and every time Nels comes home it seems he has a new set of bulbs or seeds..:)

This weekend though we are heading out to the youth retreat (3 kids in tow – pray for me!) and are looking forward to a great and refreshing time!

Happy April friends! ❤



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