House Tour: Part 1

Ever since we moved in I’ve been wanting to share photos of our new house for our friends and family back home. I wanted to wait till everything was “just so” – but – I’m realizing that’s not going to happen anytime soon, and I want to show y’all around anyway! It’ll be a work in progress as long as we are here…;-) But we’re also really enjoying our little rented piece of wild and wonderful West Virginia.

Our little 3-bedroom, 2-bath white farm home is in the country, but only about 5 minutes’ drive to downtown, and about 15 minutes to work for Nels.


My favorite thing about this house (besides the washer, dryer & dishwasher, hello!!) is the light. There are a lot of great windows and I’m looking forward to learning where and how to take photographs in this house. It’s fun watching the different beams and shadows throughout the day. Like I said, there are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, but one of the bedrooms and the second bathroom is upstairs…with our kids being little I wasn’t comfortable with either them or us being separated by a flight of stairs in the night, so that is our guest suite/craftroom/office and it is the room that is farthest from being settled! But I think it will also be one of my very favorite spaces.




The first room to get completely unpacked was Kaya and Hudson’s room! We took down the bunks (they were giving me ulcers), and decided to put their beds side-by-side for now. Their room is cozy and small, but they have a great big closet for the changing table, clothes, toys, random storage and half-eaten snacks….;-)



Beside their room is the laundry closet…(with toy tractor that I did not notice till now! HA)…



And across from it is our room and the main bathroom.

IMG_3796 IMG_3797

Our room is pretty spacious (a new and weird feeling!) and right now it feels a little under-furnished in some places, but I’m also enjoying just having some floor space. Our master closet doubles as Ezra’s bedroom for now. And…the neighbor’s chickens are partial to the yard out one of our bedroom windows…;)


IMG_3798 IMG_3801

The living room is also still a work in progress. I’ve been searching around craiglist and some local flea markets and thrift stores for a coffee table and some accent chairs…we may make progress on that this weekend! But for now…



…one side of the room is for our couches and the piano…(will have to upload another photo later! oops)



…the other side is for our computer and more bookshelves…



(whatttt show were we watching?! no idea. lol)

Anyway! That is most of the main floor! I hope to share some more sometime soon…:) It’s starting to feel like “homey” as Hudson says!





5 thoughts on “House Tour: Part 1

  1. Hudson is right…it’s so homey! You’ve done an amazing job with your home in such a short time AND with 3 kiddo’s! May God bless you with many opportunities to use your home to glorify HIM!

  2. Love it! You have done such a great job making it into such a cozy home. Blessings on your sweet family, and this new adventure! p.s. I love Ezra’s face in that picture. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. I love it. I know you are enjoying decorating. Its so neat!!! and the pics of the children are so cute.
    Love you all. God bless and keep you. Love & prayers, Frances & Buddy.

  4. Awesome house tour!!! You’ve done so well! It is beautiful, so bright and open feeling. Love the colors, curtains, photos and creative organization, (Jewelry display, etc.) What a provision God has made for your family, including the chickens and tractor. 😉
    Love you, Nora }|{

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