To My Favorite Little People: 4y | 2y | 5 1/2m

Kaya  |  4 years 

Kaya princess! My imaginative, exuberant, sweet girl. You both delight and terrify your mama and daddy with the ways you constantly challenge yourself physically. It’s like you cannot help yourself – absent-mindedly you climb, balance, run. There are often crashes but you also pull off some feats! 😉 Your energy and enthusiasm for life can be somewhat hazardous, but it also fills our lives with joy. Some mornings when I am feeling too tired, I see you twirling around and singing some silly song you made up, and it will pull me right out of my grump-fest. 🙂 I had a blast throwing you a “Frozen” birthday party, and you were a perfect princess, joyful over every little detail. I hope we get to have many more girly dates and special times together.

God has given you an amazing capacity for loving people. Basically, if you meet a person, you love them. You hugged every child in the play place at McDonalds last night. You have compassion on hurting people, and intuition about who is hurting even on the inside. You especially love your brothers, and babies in general. 

Your love for others is one thing that is so special about your tender heart and the way that God has made you! But sometimes I wish I could scoop all of your tender affection up and just stuff it back inside your little chest for safe keeping…because…well, I’m your mama and I know that when you love people you’re bound to get hurt. But, sweet girl, we are not greater than our Master, and he was hurt by those he loved as well. So I will do my part to keep encouraging you to love, love, love and trust the Lord to keep your little heart safe and to heal it when it is broken. 

You are forever mama’s first born love, my sweet Kaya Abigail!

Hudson  |  2 years 

Hudson, you’re hilarious. You keep mommy and daddy rolling (though often it’s behind your back!). This week you locked yourself in your room. Again. I tried to talk you through unlocking it. We didn’t get very far, so we Facetimed daddy, who stared at that closed door and talked to you until you finally unlocked it! You were crying, I was crying, and daddy was laughing from his office. ;-p 

You’re strangely fascinated by my nose piercing, and constantly try to pick at it. This week you even went after the metal on the inside of my nose, which was really irritating. I snapped, “Pick your own boogers!” You hung your head, truly sad, “I don’t have any boogies left.” 😦 

Last week you busted your lip, fell out of the Suburban, etc. etc. etc. Your antics are characteristically ‘boy’ – but you are your mama’s first boy – so go easy on me, will ya!?! You march around growling “I’m big and strong!” and you gravitate toward strong male personalities, especially Uncle Sam, Uncle Ben, Papa Neal, Papa Tim. You often get in too deep wanting to play and compete with boys on the playground. You’re starting to love on baby “wubber” Ezra too. If he sleeps longer than you you’re always alert and asking “Where’s Ezra?” You can pronounce his name now! He’s no longer “Ruh” or “Evra”…:-) Kaya is for sure your best friend though! Mommy loves how you check in on her, “You okay, Ky?” or “Ky? Where are you, Ky? I need you, Kaya!”

One of my favorite things about being Mommy to you and your sibs is getting to observe your strengths and weaknesses, to really know you, what makes you tick, what makes you smile, what your gifts may be. You are a buddy. You’re tough, but tender, and you’re a great friend, even as a 2 year old, even to mommy! You are a very verbal boy, understanding irony and certain nuances, catching funny twists in stories and words. Use that tongue carefully, little boy! 😉 There are many things that you fear, sometimes for good reason. But you have a warrior’s determination, and in Christ you can face even the most daunting things.  

I love you, sweet son of mine.

Ezra  |  5 1/2 months…because, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and round him off to “6 months” (for the sake of his mama’s fragile heart!)

Ezra! Every night lately you test my love, but when I see you smile in the morning, I can’t help but forgive you for keeping me up all night! Your front two teeth on the bottom have come in, and they’ve caused you some grief. You are chewing on everything, but when someone takes note of your little chompers, a sweet look of pride and satisfaction gleams in your blue eyes! You love your jumper and those chubster legs of yours are getting real strong. 

You are the smiliest of babies! A perfect chub and cherub. You’ve been facing the first of your struggles in this world – upset tummy, aching gums, a body that’s not quite capable of doing all that you wish it could (but you’re getting there!). The smiles you give us – even as you grunt through discomfort – they are so precious to us! Daddy is a special favorite. You’re alert to him and happy when he’s around. He loves you and holds, cuddles, squeezes and even shouts about how wonderful you are. 😉 Kaya loves you too. She always wants to hold your hand, or have you cuddle and play with her. Hudson loves you too – but you’re (rightfully!) a little nervous about him. You’re starting to resemble him more and I think you’ll be best of buddies before too long. 

I am so thankful for your sweet, content nature. You’re the coziest of cuddlers with such kind eyes! I cannot imagine a sweeter addition to our family, and you’re growing more and more as a blessing to us all each day. 

You’re infinitely precious to me, beloved son!

❤ jc


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