awkward things your kids might say {if you read them Bible stories!}

best buddies…also known as 'Joseph & Mary'

best buddies…also known as ‘Joseph & Mary’

“Let’s play Rahab!!!” my daughter shrieks as she runs to meet her friends at the playground.

I inwardly groan, loving that she knows (and lives) the story of Israel’s victory over Jericho, but slightly embarrassed that one of her favorite Bible characters is (unbeknownst to her) a prostitute….:-/

Routinely, Kaya and Hudson offer: “Mom, do you want us to paint lamb’s blood on your door?”

A favorite scene to act out is the slaying of Goliath. I am often called in to choose who will play David (and we usually end up with two of him!).

I’m not sure what that lady at the grocery store thought when Hudson looked at me, very serious, “Mom, don’t fro me in da yions (lions) den.” Okay, son.

Hudson’s oft-repeated line is “I don’t yike (like) dat mean Pharaoh.”

But, perhaps my favorite, that has also caused me to blush a bit, was when my daughter held out her blue sippy cup, with a rather loud request: “Mom, we need more of this better wine in our sippy cups!” Imagine my mortification, while living on an alcohol-free seminary campus. Ha! My kids had just watched a “The Miracles of Jesus” DVD…:)

I mean I don’t even want to read stories about Jael and the tent peg or Eglon, etc!!!

Sometimes it’s a little awkward, but I love the imagination and energy of my little ones and I’m so privileged to get to teach them about the Lord!…even if we get some weird looks from time to time! 😉

❤ jc


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