Ezra Neal @ 4.5 months

Ezra Neal, our blessing & joy! untitled shoot-010


I love your cuddly body, bald head, squishable little limbs! You’re an angel and a buddy – sweet and mellow like your dad!

untitled shoot-022

You love him, by the way. 😉 But I’m determined to stay #1 in your heart for at least a few more years! Haha…;-)

untitled shoot-005

Your smile, sweet chatter, and bubbly giggles melt us all! ❤  I adore you, baby love.

For fun & memories…here was big bro at about the same age, and here is big sis just a smidge older!

❤ jc


2 thoughts on “Ezra Neal @ 4.5 months

  1. Such joy they give! Love them all. Worried about Huddie after his fall and his bump…I thought he would be black & blue…we felt awful. But made up for it eating at Fritz cafe with all the trains…fun for all. Love, gmakkl

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