Stitch Fix Review

So y’all heard about our shoplifting incident and that I was going to try Stitch Fix, right?! 🙂


I got my fix in the mail last week! We were packing that day to head out on vacation so it was a little chaotic, but I was soooo excited to get my package and see what they had sent me that I couldn’t bear to wait.

When I was filling out my style profile and everything on the Stitch Fix website I had mentioned that I particularly needed some tops and dresses right now (though how fun would it be to receive jewelry!?! whoa.), so my stylist sent two blouses, one tunic and two dresses. I actually really liked the style and colors of each item – and the styling cards showed some cute ways to dress each piece…


There was a note from my stylist (forgive me for over-using the phrase “my stylist” – can’t help it! ;-p) saying she wanted to “stay true to my boho chic style while incorporating pieces that would be comfortable for a mother of three”…spot on.

Although I liked everything in my box, not everything fit…I tend to be either a medium or large, so I decided to go medium and that worked for all except the zig-zag tribal print dress…but 20 pounds lighter maybe I would love it? It was not really a dress on me…


Alright, sorry, forgive the crazy-mess-packing-bedroom photos! ;-P

The other dress was a navy keyhole long-sleeve dress from 41Hawthorn. I liked the style and fit, but at about $80, it was too much for me.

hey there, dirty bathroom mirror! ;-P

hey there, dirty bathroom mirror! ;-P

I was tempted to keep it, but if I spend $80 on a dress it will probably be a really classic LBD…

I liked this orange peplum, but the style added bulk to my frame and it just wasn’t flattering for me…


The long grey tunic was among the most tempting for me. The button-up style is convenient for nursing, the length is perfectly just-past-the-booty for comfortably wearing with leggings, and the color goes with just about anything. I may kick myself for sending it back?? But I just didn’t love it $60-worth. I went back and forth on it a lot…but liked the feeling of a little remaining graduation $$ in my pocket, and sent it back.

I thought this polka-dot blouse was darling and made with really beautiful material, but it hit me awkwardly at the widest point of my hips and wasn’t flattering for me…maybe if I had a slimming pencil skirt to wear it with? Or just wasn’t quite so ‘hippy!’ I was happy I could try it on in my own house with my own jeans & jewelry…otherwise I may have brought it home only to be dissatisfied.


i'm sorry about the mirror guys, i really am! lol

i’m sorry about the mirror guys, i really am! lol

So, sadly, no keepers for me! Thankfully, I just dropped all the clothes in the big already addressed, postage-paid bag, sealed it up and dropped it in the mail on our way out of town.

The online check out was really simple and straightforward. It also allowed me to give some feedback about the pieces and what I did/didn’t like about their style, fit, color, price, etc…


So, the sucky thing is I’m out $20 for the styling fee (if I was going to keep anything, it would’ve been applied toward the purchase). And the clothes were a little steeper in price than I would usually spend. But the quality and feel is really enticing, and I’m starting to think I’d rather have less clothes with better quality anyway.

The not-sucky thing is that I’m not out a whole day spent shopping and trying things on! Worth the $20 to me!! If I’m going to hire a babysitter I’d rather be going out on a date or catching up with some good friends! Plus, I’ve been turned on to some new brands and it was a really fun experience. Not one that I’ll be able to afford regularly, but one I might suggest to my husband for my birthday or other special times down the road! And hopefully, with my additional feedback my stylist will have even better sense of what would work for me! There is no requirement to maintain a subscription (though you can do that monthly), you just schedule a ‘fix’ whenever you want one. This would also make a really fun and thoughtful gift for the women in your life that would enjoy a fix! 😉

So, there you go! My thoughts on a rather posh experience. 🙂 Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? Want to give it a go? Here’s my referral link…let me know what you think. 🙂

❤ jc


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