Darkness & Hope

I remember once thinking something along the lines of “The world is so jacked up…how could I bring a child into this mess?”

And I think, if anything, the world has just gotten crazier since I had this train of thought. Or maybe I just read more about current events. Regardless, now I have three kids and am so delighted with them, with not a shadow of regret about being a part of bringing them into the world. So what gives?

When I look at my little Ezra, I see newness, innocence, potential and hope. It’s not that he is without sin nature, or that I have any doubt that in a few months he will need rebuking, correction and instruction in righteousness. It’s not that I expect him to be the savior of the world – but somehow, his new life, his birth gives me hope.

I think it’s because this new baby is a gift from God, showing me he hasn’t given up hope on us yet. Ezra is like a little rainbow across the sky of our family’s life – a symbol of hope and God’s love and graciousness. Even though I know the world is no safe place for a child to grow up, I know that the Lord is sovereign and holds little Ezra in the palm of His hand. And I hope that through this precious boy, God will bring a little light into a dark world. I know it’s brought light into my world to hold him and savor his baby days, his new smell, his innocence. If a baby can have genuine kindness in his smile and in his eyes, I think little Ezra does. And it warms my heart every time.

God even chose to send our ultimate Hope – Jesus Christ – as an infant, in the form of vulnerable, precious new life. He didn’t send a full-grown Savior (at least not the first time!), but Hope for the world, wrapped in swaddling clothes and all the potential of infancy. Herod feared him so much that he wiped out every male child under two. Hope was for him a danger. For the enemy of our souls, our adversary the devil, it was a danger too. But Jesus was kept safe until His appointed time to die had come. And then, his full potential was realized when he took on our sin and death, literally became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. He endured the separation and all the fury and wrath of God poured out. So that we don’t have to. So that Ezra doesn’t have to, if he will trust in Christ. And then, as it was impossible for the grave to hold him, he conquered sin and death and rose again.

And I hope that Ezra, as a follower of Christ, will realize his full potential. I trust that with God’s help I won’t be afraid for him to be sent out into the world, to bring Hope to those who need it most.


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