fall favorites

1. Coziness. I love all the adorable tunics, sweaters, scarves, leggings, hats, boots, etc. that fall brings! So cute and cozy. I am a bit of a scarf addict…here are some cute ones I’ve been crushing on from World Market

aqua-ruched475028_CD SCF FLRL PAIS TASS

2. “Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children” – a great article from John Piper, to put a little steel in your parental resolve to discipline in love. Piper says “Since parents represent God to children — especially before they can know God through faith in the gospel — we show them both justice and mercy. Not every disobedience is punished. Some are noted, reproved, and passed over. There is no precise manual for this mixture. Children should learn from our parenting that the God of the gospel is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:729) and that he is patient and slow to anger (1 Timothy 1:16). In both cases — discipline and patience — the aim is quick, happy, thorough obedience. That’s what knowing God in Christ produces. Parents, you can do this. It is a hard season. I’ve spent more than sixty percent of my life in it. But there is divine grace for this, and you will be richly rewarded.”

3. Family outings!! Oh fall might be my favorite for family outings. If you live in the KC area, check out Schweizer Orchards, Deanna Rose Farmstead, Carolyn’s Country Cousins…oh there are so many more too! What are your favorites?!

pumpkin patch lovin'

pumpkin patch lovin’

delicious autumn at the orchard

delicious autumn at the orchard

pony ride @ deanna rose

pony ride @ deanna rose


what can i say? my boy loves starbucks. lol

what can i say? my boy loves starbucks. lol


baby boy loves it too…;-)

4. This soup. Yum. We make it with turkey bacon and throw in some generous handfuls of whatever greens we have on hand (kale, spinach or arugula). Very creamy and delicious…and even man-approved (which few soups are at our house!).

5. A new favorite song! It’s Ben Rector covering a Whitney Houston classic…I love it! Super romantic. Enjoy 🙂



2 thoughts on “fall favorites

  1. Well, congratulations. You’ve successfully made me want to put on my cozy clothes, stop by Starbucks on the way to the orchard, pick apples and bake a pie, put on my evening cozies, snuggle up with my hubby and SHARE the piece of apple pie. Then kiss. ❤ thankyouverymuch~

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