Excerpts from my ‘Titus 2 mentors’

With my college career closing (ohmyword!!!!!), I find myself entering into a brand-new season.

I am now just wife and mom.

How wonderful! How daunting.

I have really been feeling lately like I need to “beef up” my skills – in homemaking in general, and mothering especially. And, as one of the very, very few stay at home mothers that I know, I have also felt like I need to “beef up” my understanding and resolve for this calling. It’s something I am incredibly passionate about — yet, when I look around me and see that the world around me is traveling a completely different direction, it’s easy to begin to wonder if I haven’t gotten it all mixed up. Am I the crazy one? In moments like these, or when the days are long and hard and appear to be unfruitful, I turn to the Scriptures and to Titus 2 mentors for encouragement, guidance and reassurance.

Some of my ‘Titus 2 mentors’ aren’t actually people I’ve met. They’re godly women who have paved a trail and told their story. I think of Elisabeth Elliot, Jean Fleming, Edith Schaeffer, and quite recently, Rachel Jankovic (I wrote a review of one of her books here). I’ve read some really great books (and hope to read some more!) on being wife, mama, homemaker. So as I enter, joyfully and somewhat trepidatiously (it is a word – I googled it! no worries…), into a season of “just” this role, I’m re-reading (or, shall we say, skimming!) some of those very influential stories and books, and plan to share some excerpts and favorite quotes for my own edification, and I hope, for yours. Most of these will probably center on mothering, but possibly wife/homemaker things as well.

What are some of your favorite books that have influenced you in your mothering? Who are your ‘Titus 2 mentors’? I look forward to sharing some of my favorite gems with you soon! I pray that you may be built up as a mother, or strengthened in understanding in ways to encourage the mothers in your life. ❤




13 thoughts on “Excerpts from my ‘Titus 2 mentors’

  1. I have been encouraged by the books Bringing up Boys and bringing up Girls by James Dobson. Also Shepherding a Child’s Heart. But nothing takes the place of having those wonderful Godly Titus women in your life, what a blessing! ~God Bless~

  2. Elizabeth Elliott is a huge one for me! I used to listen to her radio program alot when I was home with babies/toddlers. She is so full of biblical wisdom! Another big one is Elizabeth George! All her books, but I especially was helped by “Loving God with All Your MInd.” Shepherding a Child’s Heart and Dobson’s books are also near the top of my list. I have, but have not finished “The Excellent WIfe” by Martha Peace, and highly recommend Joanna Weaver’s “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World”. I agree that real-life godly women that you personally know and who hold you accountable is irreplaceable. So thankful for the many TItus 2 women who have helped, encouraged, and challenged me along the way. One other idea: a young mother in my church recently put together her own TItus 2 group, by just asking a few women of varying ages and life experience to meet together once a month for encouragement and prayer. What a blessing! Being a wife and mother is our highest calling! 🙂

  3. LOVE Rachel Jankovic and Elisabeth Elliot! Haven’t read much of Edith Schaefer or Jean Fleming. My all time favorite on the subject of mothering is Sally Clarkson. I read her book The Mission of Motherhood as an exhausted, overly tired, newly stay at home mama and felt like it breathed life and purpose back into me!

  4. Finding a real-life Titus 2 Mentor is like finding a needle in a haystack! (Especially with moving every few years.) Just about the time I think I have located one, we move again. 🙂 It’s something that I am always praying for and searching for the second we get to a new place. Finding good books with great authors have been a huge encouragement to me when I can tend to feel so lonely in this season. I really enjoy Rachel Jankovic as well. I’ve only read one or two of Elisabeth Elliot’s books, but easily fell in love. I’ll have to look into the other author’s as well. I’d have to second Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. There was a part of me that felt quite overwhelmed with the task of motherhood when I read it, but it’s still in my top 10, I’ll never get rid of, go-to book pile. I’d love to read some of her other material as well. Also in my top 10 are To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl, Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp, and 5 Conversations to Have with Your Son by Vicki Courtney. I really appreciated some of the practical examples given in To Train Up a Child. It really opened up a new concept for me in the area of training. I have recently finished Managers of their Homes, and Managers of their Chores, to be followed up with Managers of their Schools, by Steve and Teri Maxwell. The general purpose of the books is instruction and setting up schedules, but there is SO MUCH MORE in the heart of it. I just finished Managers of their Chores a few weeks back and it left me deeply convicted; yet still encouraged in the calling to me a stay-at-home mom. I have been deeply challenged by the first two books and have also gained much practical application into managing our home. I am honestly having trouble putting into words the impact these books have had on me. I would love to read a lot of their other books as well.

  5. Can’t sleep & catching up emails. So proud of your path and resolve! Also, pleased for your kids & husband. I see the craziness of our WIRED world! And you guys have chosen a sweeter path. How good to rely on His word and those who have gone before you!. It is also brave as you are the minority which makes me think it may be lonely at times. How awesome to haveHis HS to accompany you where others dare not go! Love to you all! Gma kris Sent from my iPad

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