date night with my love.

“date night with my love” is a little unclear now that our little family has grown to 5…

i do love date nights with my LOVE, my hubby. but tonight was a special night with one of my other favorites…my sweet first-born.


we’ve only had mommy-daughter dates a handful of times, but i hope we get to do many more of them…both of us had such a great time. next time we’re going shopping & getting pedicures…;-p or maybe just going for a walk. but we’re outnumbered in our household now and we’ve got to stick together…;-)

some of my favorite quotes from the night…

“I’m so glad we’re talking together!”

“I love pickles, do you love pickles, Kaya?” She nods, pulls a pickle off her burger and hands it to me. “Don’t you like them?” Again she nods, and says “I want you to have it, since you like them!”

[while showing off some pretty cray moves in public *ahem*] “I’m just thinking while I’m dancing.”


she’s the big sister around here and sometimes it’s easy to forget she’s still such a little girl. i have high expectations for her, and she’s usually up for the challenge. she’s had an amazingly graceful transition from our “one and only,” to “one of two,” and now “oldest of three.” i’m so proud of her and how she’s blossoming with new privileges and responsibilities. but tonight it was fun to just connect with her. to slow down, not be hurrying anywhere, not be juggling the boys or extra bags or bottles or anything…but just savoring sweet, silly time with my favorite girl and enjoying the wonderful person she is and the sweet connection we have as “the Carlson ladies”!!

anyway, we had a blast eating out just us two, window-shopping in the cool fall evening, making wishes and throwing pennies, taking silly pictures and creating a ridiculous concoction at yogurtini…;)


the Lord even blessed us with a beautiful pink sunset on our way home!

i took my girl out to bless her, but was so blessed myself. i love being her mama. ❤


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