The Difference a Year Makes :)

We are celebrating my favorite oldest son’s birthday today!!

Last year I took some 1-year photos of my sweet October baby:



We took his 2-year photos this morning…




Hudson Nathanael, we treasure you – our gift from God.

You make all of our lives a little brighter, a little funnier, and a lot sweeter.

The last year has brought so much change…

Your mama is amazed watching your little personality blossom.

There’s still a mama’s boy inside, but you’re opening up to love & connect with people around you too.


Birth to 1 year

Birth to 1 year

1 year, 2 years!

1 year, 2 years!




One thought on “The Difference a Year Makes :)

  1. So true!! They grow so so so fast in the first two years… But it seems to slow down a bit (at least the inches and pounds) when they get closer to three… I love the side by side comparisons… I’ve got to do that too 😉

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