Ezra Neal @ 1 month

Our sweet third-born is 4 weeks old today! Those weeks are a blur…the days went fast, and the wakeful nights went faster.

It’s been such a joy getting to know sweet Ezra Neal. I am so delighted with him. He’s so laid back, cuddly, and seems to feel right at home in my arms and with big sister and brother swirling around him all the time. His blue eyes are contemplative and gentle. Each day he holds his neck a little stronger and his legs push against me as he tries to stand up on my lap…:) Holding him today feels so different than it did when I held him in the hospital bed when he was just a few hours old. He’s still so fresh and new, but I sense that he is more & more “baby” and less “newborn” each day.


Kaya and Hudson are so happy to have a new baby. “Hi baby! Hi baby!” “Baby yikes (likes) me!” “Baby Evra kiss me,” Hudson says. Kaya wants everyone to see the baby and know that he belongs to her. Every morning he is the first thing on her mind – forget hunger for breakfast when there is a baby to hold! 🙂 She is incredibly tender and nurturing toward her little love, who she has at times called her “little star,” “little moon,” “baby of all babies” and other things only a 3-year old romantic would dream up!



I have not slept nearly enough since he’s been born…;) BUT it’s given me sweet snuggly hours and time to pray over my precious son. Being on my third round as “mama to a newborn” is so fun. I’m somewhat less terrified that I’ll accidentally break the baby, and a little more free to totally soak up the tiny toes, the satisfied sighs, and ohhhh do I love holding the softest little hands in the world!



I find myself using the word “precious” with obnoxious redundancy…but my son is so richly, deeply precious to me. I don’t know him well enough yet, but I am overcome with the sense of how precious he is – to me, to our family, and to the Lord! Life is a gift, and as a mother I believe I am called to nurture and protect one of the greatest gifts on earth. Certain sacrifices of motherhood demand that one values life through pregnancy, labor and delivery, etc…having our baby in our lives now so much more tangibly, I have been swept up in a wave of love, while also feeling a significant weight of responsibility to care for his vulnerable body – and to pray for his tender soul.


I love you, sweet, precious Ezra Neal! May the gracious hand of the Lord be upon you…

❤ jordan


3 thoughts on “Ezra Neal @ 1 month

  1. Precious is certainly the right word! I remember feeling much the same way with Daniel, my third-born. Enjoy all those sweet baby snuggles–the moments are fleeting! Love to you!

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