i’ve always looooooved weekends. who doesn’t? now with 3 kids, all under 3 1/2, i especially love weekends for having DADDY at home. extra hands, extra emotional support, extra fun…hooray!

this weekend was extra-special though, for two reasons: 1) nels celebrated his 31st birthday and 2) ezra got to meet his great grandma barb.


nels wanted a white cake with lemon/cream cheese icing, so i happily obliged! we had a kind of quiet, relaxing grill-out and celebration at my parents house with papa and cici, and both my grandmothers…it was so sweet seeing them oohh and ahh over our little ezra! (3 weeks old today)



the birthday boy enjoyed our family time, opening his cards & gifts, etc…



…and of course, our “big kids” love every opportunity to play with papa & cici!



hope you had a lovely weekend as well! perhaps the first that felt a bit fall-ish? 🙂

happy monday to you!

❤ jc


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