what i value today

Lately I’ve been thinking a little bit (at random hours and in a half-delirious state) about how people value different things and how it seems to evolve a little bit based on many factors – our understanding of the world around us, the circumstances God places us in, the people who influence us, etc. Sometimes we hear “values” and instantly think politics – while it encompasses that, there’s so much more to it.

On a much simpler note, here are some of the things I value today…

  1. quiet moments & comfortable chairs
  2. the second steaming mug (the one i am actually awake for!)
  3. this time when we measure his age in days, not yet weeks, months, years…

    10 days old

    10 days old

  4. thoughtful friends who show up, caring & providing, loving & praying when we need them most
  5. people who inspire me, through their struggles & joys, to live more fully & love Jesus more deeply
  6. the law of kindness upon their lips…”sweet dreams, mama” – my 1 year old son ❤
  7. yummy sweet treats made sugar-free (with truvia), indulging my sweet tooth without entirely sabotaging post-baby weight loss (peanut butter pie, dark chocolate no-bake bars)
  8. excellent, sweet poetry. loving emily dickinson and edgar guest especially, and as always. (who is your favorite poet?)
  9. the gift of new coral jammies (acceptable apparel until at least 3pm or so!)IMG_2189

What do you value today that you maybe valued less, or not at all, perhaps a year or two ago?

Sometimes I have to write down, re-evaluate, and ask the Lord what I should value. There are so many voices insisting on what should by my priority, what should be my highest values – and I need to spend less time listening to random opinions and more time listening to the Lord, and thanking Him for the gifts He has given us.



One thought on “what i value today

  1. Thank you for this post… We all need this reminder every once in a while! 🙂
    As for me, I’ve learned to value my school life, food, shelter, the peaceful and calm atmosphere at home, and most of all God’s mercy upon me which has allowed me to recognize Him…

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