the waiting game

Bubby & I are just really ready for our little baby to make his appearance…

It seems like “the waiting game” could just drag on forever! 😉


{He’s due on Saturday, but both our previous babies were significantly late, so we’ll see!}

Kaya is awaiting his arrival with a little more patience…


Whenever “Bebe Ruh” arrives, we will be so delighted to welcome him!

Hope you’re enjoying your last few weeks of summertime.



One thought on “the waiting game

  1. Waiting is so hard! What a prize Ezra will be… been praying for Gma Barb. So happy to see you all the other night. Again, congratulations on your accomplishments with your classes and whittling down those classes (and so well). You’re such a smart girl and who knows what may come your way from the Lord. Good to see your perserverence and committment. In HIM. Gma Kris PS. let me know if there is something that I can do while we waittttt….or even after. I don’t want to be living to serve myself.

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