“Worship is tridimensional…”



“Worship is tridimensional. It brings the worshipers close to Christ in the context of congregational fellowship; it extends into all the activities of the life of the community; and it carries the good news of Christ from one person to another to the boundaries of the world. When the church truly worships, it will become missionary and evangelistic. A missionary of Christ is one who lets his or her own convictions be known, approaches other faiths as systems of conviction held by honored friends, and depends upon God (not upon personal power in any form) for any conversions that may take place. There is no better means of preparing the church for life in this horizontal dimension than honest, open-souled, sensitively responsive, corporate Christian worship; for in that fellowship, one develops towards one’s neighbor the same depth of concern expressed in the love of Christ for the world.”

– from Understanding, Preparing For and Practicing Christian Worship 2nd Edition, by Franklin M. Segler

Have you had such experiences in worship? What was special about them? Did you sense a movement towards love for your neighbor, unity with your church, an evangelistic spirit?

Some of my fondest worship memories are from summer camp – and it’s no wonder that that is where God also really established Himself firmly on the throne in my heart and moved me to commit myself to Him in meaningful ways, including willingness to serve in missions. I long to be part of more authentic worship that truly honors our King and accomplishes His purposes.

We may not have an opportunity for corporate worship today, but I pray that your heart and mine would be inclined toward the Lord, worshipping Him in spirit and truth as we live our “Wednesday lives”…



“Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!” – from Isaiah 6 (a great example of tridimensional worship that moved Isaiah to say to the Lord, “Here am I! Send me.”)


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