to my sister

in honor of my sister’s birthday (tomorrow!), i thought i would share the notes that made up the gist of my MOH speech at her december wedding. ❤




Well, today on my little sister’s wedding day, I can’t help but reminisce a bit. But it only takes a few moments on ‘memory lane’ to remember that things have not always been blissful. Many of our 21 years as sisters have been challenging. You’d be hard pressed to find two more different kids than the two of us – different in personalities, interests, looks, everything. This has made our friendship really fun at times, and really crazy at times. We fought so much growing up.

But if I can tell you one phrase that brings even the most opposite sisters together? This phrase can end fights, stand-offs, endless silences or just enrich the happy, pleasant times…often uttered at sleepovers, but other times too, this phrase – take note, young ones – unites sisters. What is it? – “I’ll tell you something, if you promise not to tell mom.

It’s been a gem in my relationship with Skyler.

Growing up we became better friends as we realized that out in the real world, otherwise known as the chaos of high school and middle school, even though we were often mad at each other, we were still one of each other’s best friends. No one has been raised in the same home, or grows up with the same framework and history quite like your sister. As we began to spend more time together (mom and dad would let us go to more parties and things if both of us went), I began to recognize Skyler as a loyal friend.

Ben, I think that’s what she’ll be for you. The two of you may fight at home sometimes (though I hope you’ll be nicer to one another than Skyler and I were to each other growing up!), but when you step out into the world and see a bigger picture, I think you’ll realize that Skyler will be your most loyal friend, and your biggest fan.

Skyler, Dad always says to play to your strengths. So be Ben’s most loyal friend and be his biggest fan. I trust that God will continue to use you in this way for him, Lord-willing down the road for your children, and for the rest of your family. Thank you for being loyal to me, for being one of my biggest fans which has been a huge encouragement for me from the time we were young, till the time we had a philosophy class together in college and you sat in the back with me waiting to feel Kaya kick…may God give you strength to be Ben’s most loyal friend, and his biggest fan. ❤



love you, sister! happy 22nd birthday!


One thought on “to my sister

  1. Made me cry. And made me wish I too, had a sister. Happy Birthday little Sky….you have and you ARE a most fabulous sister! 🙂

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