Hudson @ 20 months

To our dear little Hudson bear,

You’re 20 months old now, and what a little man! We are daily delighted by your big personality in a toddler body. I’m growing convinced that this age is just about my favorite – of course I loved you as a newborn and crawling infant, etc…but there is something so fun about seeing your personality blossoming and your chubby tike form testing limits and of course enjoying the hugs and kisses and words you have for us.


One thing that we love so much about you (and it scares us too!) is your intensity and emotion. You’re a teeth-gritter! You grit your teeth when you really mean something – when you’re throwing a ball with all your might, wrestling daddy or hugging mommy’s neck. You are always testing your strength with a “bang!” a “crash!” or a growl. You’re the blue-eyed image of baby masculinity – who still likes to wear Mommy’s necklaces and waltz around in Kaya’s sparkly shoes (only when Daddy’s at work!). We love your energy and excitement and the way your eyes get so wide and crazy over things. Mommy and Daddy pray that God will help you to be a strong and passionate man, and that you will pour your energy into the things that He loves!


Right now you adore trains. I never realized how many there are around until you started saying “Chug, chug, puff, puff, chooo chooo!” constantly. You love reading books (especially “Snail Brings the Mail” and your “fun Bi-bi stoiybook” – Bible storybook) and you’re a cuddly chatterbox with your sissy in the mornings. Finallyyyyy you’ve learned to take a decent nap. You love to be a ham! If people have laughed over a phrase you’ve said, you’ll say it a million more times. 🙂 You’ve been a bit of a shy mama’s boy, but lately we are seeing that you really love people and…are you turning into an extrovert? You say “Hewwow” or “Hey guys” to random strangers constantly. Some of your other favorite phrases lately are: “No way!”… “Not me!”… “Be nice, Tyta (Kaya)!” …”Mo Keem” (more cream)… “Go faster, Dada!” and “Need outside!”


The other day we were walking at a new park nearby and stopped to chat with some elderly men who were just shooting the breeze. They thought you and your sister were so cute and sweet. One of them commented to Daddy, “With those two, you’re a rich man – even if you haven’t two pennies to rub together!” 🙂 We think he’s absolutely right. We are so blessed!


We love you, precious Bubby! You make your Daddy proud and your Mommy melt! And Kaya loves you so much – she could hardly wait to get home from her swim lesson the other night because she knew you’d be missing her. 🙂

Praying that you will keep growing in widsom and stature, and in favor with God and men!

❤ jc

Hudson Nathanael @ 20 months (June 3)


One thought on “Hudson @ 20 months

  1. Isn’t he a joy! Fun seeing him coming out of his shell and enjoying the things around him. I believe he will be a man for the Lord! Looking forward to seeing you guys. Love, Gma Kris

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