holding on for spring & miracles











“…Let me say something about the word: miracle. For too long it’s been used to characterize things or events that, though pleasant, are entirely normal. Peeping chicks at Easter time, spring generally, a clear sunrise after an overcast week – a miracle, people say, as if they’ve been educated from greeting cards. I’m sorry, but nope. Such things are worth our notice every day of the week, but to call them miracles evaporates the strength of the word.

Real miracles bother people, like strange sudden pains unknown in medical literature. It’s true: They rebut every rule all we good citizens take comfort in. Lazarus obeying orders and climbing up out of the grace – now there’s a miracle, and you can bet it upset a lot of folks who were standing around at the time. When a person dies, the earth is generally unwilling to cough him back up. A miracle contradicts the will of earth.

My sister, Swede…offered this: People fear miracles because they fear being changed – though ignoring them will change you also. Swede said another thing too, and it rang in me like a bell: No miracle happens without a witness. Someone to declare, Here’s what I saw. Here’s how it went. Make of it what you will…

…as a witness, let me say that a miracle is no cute thing but more like a swing of a sword.

{from Peace Like A River by Leif Enger}

may your life, friend, be ‘more like a swing of a sword’…

❤ jc


One thought on “holding on for spring & miracles

  1. Agreed Jordan! For far too long, I’ve heard “it’s a miracle”, “expect a miracle” and the like. True miracles are JUST THAT! Miracles! Not in the way WE see the miracle, but in that it directly opposes all nature and medicine! True miracles are ‘growing back a limb that has been severed’, being cured of a fatal disease w/o any medical intervention, raising someone from the dead. These are the miracles that Jesus spoke of…not that the rain held off today so I could get my garden in, or hubby was moved to a different schedule which accommodates my wishes, or that they had milk on sale at the Piggley Wiggley and my billfold was nearly empty. Even that we went abroad and brought back 2 orphans which were destined to die. I agree….to use this term for less than Jesus intended, is to strip the power of true miracles away. And we need to remember…biblical miracles were used to show people the power of God. Today, we have the Bible and it tells us that even if there were still signs and miracles, we still wouldn’t believe! Lots to absorb there. Thanks for the reminder…iron sharpens iron! xxoo

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