i forgot how to use my camera…

…but you had better believe i will be working this spring/summer to remember how to use it!

and just to use it.

because, really?


i like you guys.


i like your crazy hair and chubby limbs….


i like your expressive eyes and quizzical looks…


i like remembering what it is to wonder as i re-discover the created world with you.


i like learning about who you are as i watch you explore and play.


you’re getting faster and faster every day. i want to remember how unsteady and adorable you were this afternoon at the park.


i think i’d even like to remember your stinkin’ whiney baby face (but it’s cool if you grow out of this one)…


and i really, really want you to know that i was here. treasuring you. treasuring our every day together.


i love you, babies.


…now where the heck did i put that camera battery charger???…

❤ jc


One thought on “i forgot how to use my camera…

  1. Love these and can keep them in my favorites folder.  You’re a great mom and so happy for my great grandkids that they have you and Nels.  They are so adorable! Gma Kris

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