when everything feels right

have you had any days (moments, more likely) like that?

they’re often few and far between, and worth savoring when you recognize one…

a moment when everything feels right.

friday night we dashed off to the lake. it was one of the first warm nights of spring. with jack johnson playing, the windows rolled down…we were free from care, and free of coats! nels was off work at 4:30 and after stopping to pick up a few things we arrived at the lake at 5:30…with plenty of evening still to enjoy.


the magic thing? i didn’t throw up. not one bit. didn’t feel perfect, but i felt well enough to really be “all there” and not just hanging on.

also? nels has been gone a lot of weekends. it felt so wonderful to know he would be with us for the next week days.

this spot is one of our favorites. fantastic view, not frequented by a lot of people, just far enough off the water that my mama-heart isn’t constantly in my throat as my littles toddle around the edge. there’s room to run. we’ve seen lots of deer here. rocks, sticks, mud, grass…endless entertainment for my 3 and 1 year old loves.

IMG_9075 IMG_9074

i’m not sure nels is happier anywhere than at the grill! we splurged for brats…they’re perfect, sizzling and charred just a bit. it’s hudson’s first taste and baby boy thinks it is good. 🙂



kaya: “are we having a pic-a-mic, daddy?” nels: “yes, kaya. a perfect pic-a-mic.”


very little agenda. didn’t actually stay out that long. we packed almost nothing. we didn’t even have that much to talk about (and i didn’t freak out over it! ha). and for a couple of wonderful moments every anxious thought of bills and future and health and am i doing everything right? is everything ok between us? are we raising the kids well? – was just gone. and how could it not be? the bluest of skies was reflecting brilliantly on the lake. kaya and hudson were “dinosaurs” chasing each other up and down a hill (and tumbling too). nothing really on our minds…


except maybe...how perfect the grilled meat smelled, how wonderful our view was, how thankful we were for a free evening, how nice it was to relax under the setting sun and be together…


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