thirteen on thursday

1. finished. i finished my semester today! a friend stopped by to stay with my sick napping kids so i could run out and take my last final this afternoon. a wave of relief…every time i realize it’s really over i smile and feel like i am going to have a life again!

2. the 4gs. so sometimes i really struggle with depression (talked about it a little bit before…here and here). a believing friend who has been there too shared these ‘4 g’s’ with me as something that really helped to focus on God when everything seems sad, heavy, meaningless…if you struggle with depression, maybe especially during the winter months, check out ‘The 4Gs – truth to set you free’ and fill your mind with truth rather than the world, the flesh and the devil and their lies.

3. tomorrow. i am excited to make these tomorrow:


aren’t they pretty? hope they taste as good as they look!

4. e.l.f. okay, i love Mary Kay and Arbonne and Sephora and everything just as much as all of you…but i seriously love e.l.f. (eyes-lips-face) and their super affordable $1-3 products! i’ve seen e.l.f. at Target and even Hy-Vee of all places?! i have a couple lip glosses and the blush brush…i like this one in perfect pink…ONE DOLLAR, PEOPLE!! 😉

alright, i’m not going to get to 13, at least not tonight! 🙂 …we’re basically to friday anyway, so perhaps ‘four on friday’ is more fitting?? 🙂

❤ love



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