This week I am linking up with Life Rearranged for instafriday…sharing a week of photos from instagram. 🙂 I actually took some instagram photos this week, so here goes!…

go time.

this was actually from last week, during thanksgiving travels. but i’m sharing it today anyway because it’s my new favorite photo ever. my sweet lil stud!! 🙂

vintage Pyrex

i was delighted to add these pretty little vintage Pyrex bowls to my kitchen this week! my father in law found them at a flea market…hurrah!

coming along

my peppermint wreath coming along…

christmas house progress

Christmas house coming along!


coziness. the boots and leggings i may never change out of (and consequently, may never wash).

from colossians

meditating on the apostle Paul’s words to the Colossians…

it’s been a fun week, but I am exhausted! messy house, kids still fighting a cold…really looking forward to a relaxing, semi-productive and ‘together’ weekend!

Happy Friday to you!

❤ jc

life rearranged


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