A Gift Idea

A couple of days ago I saw this great pin on pinterest…I had been looking for an excuse to buy a Smash book (love the idea! you can use any type of book, or find a Smash book for about $13 at a craft supply store) and a simple, yet meaningful Christmas gift for my 1 and 2 year olds…here is what Carissa says about her idea:

“i was reading Hunter a nursery rhyme book – full of nonsense really. have you ever listened to them, like really? they are dumb. like why would i sing my child to sleep telling them a cradle will fall and down will come baby. now go to sleep sweetly. my child. you are safe. anyways, sitting there next to my boy in his twin bed with striped blue sheets, he opens his tiny mouth and tells me almost every rhyme in that book of twenty…whoa. am i the mom of a genius?? i know better. this is normal. God gives kids such an ability to learn and absorb and remember. sometimes i wish i could remember how good it felt to remember. so, instead of filling Hunter’s growing mind with dead rhymes, why not fill it with life breathing Scripture?”
exactly! i am so excited about this being a special gift from me to my little loves and about the idea of continuing to fill their baby minds with the words of Life…not to mention mine while I create the book and read it to them…
here are a few of my pages that i have finished (or almost finished!) so far:
…it’s nothing fancy, but i do so love this project! i gave myself a 5-10 minute aim per page to keep with the ‘creative chaos’ motif. it would be a fun gift for any loved one…esp. the little guys in your life! ❤
Merry Christmas and Happy Giving ~

10 thoughts on “A Gift Idea

  1. Thats a good idea. most of the smash books i’ve seen were all completely homemade so I never got too excited about them, cause i just don’t have the time or supplies to make them. but buying a book and doing the rest myself sounds like something I could do. I like doodling and the boys aren’t judgmental about my art yet.

      • Lol….I won’t argue the pretty babies part. Although speaking of such reminds me I haven’t seen yours in a while! Haha….Much love sent your way and many blessings for a Christmas full of love. 🙂

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