Christmasy Crafts for Little Ones

I am having serious issues. Our Christmas decorations have gone missing. I was probably in a mood last year and mindlessly threw them in the back of our storage unit, *knowing* that we would not be spending another Christmas in our apartment…WELL here we are and after several hours of Nels and I searching for them, we have decided they are missing from this year (apart from a couple of things we could locate). Nels gave me permission to go buy new ones…and while normally given permission to shop my little heart out would delight me, I am still so sad. Even if I can find a way to (affordably) cheerily decorate our apartment, it’s not the same…Nels’ childhood stocking, our nativity my sister in law bought in Germany, my gold table runner that was our first “married” Christmas purchase…*sigh*..Ahh well, our Christmas will be special this year, and I have been hoping for a “simpler” season, and maybe simpler decor will be a part of that…(though this additional shopping is not a help in the simplification process!). But, I am excited to make some Christmasy things together with the kiddos to brighten our home and begin our Advent season together. The things we do together in anticipation of Christ’s birth and his second coming are more important to me than the things I have or want to get/give, and I suppose God has just given me an opportunity to show that…;-) 

though i’m still feeling down. HA! here are some fun things I am looking forward to trying with the kiddos…

Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Decorating

Paper Strip Christmas Tree

Melted Bead Ornaments

Nativity Coloring Page

…and a craft that I would like to make, if I find the time – this fun Peppermint Wreath! I started it a couple of days ago and I would just say it takes about 3x more candy than you might think, but it’s loads of fun!! 🙂 jc


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