the ‘lately’ lyrics & literature

[I recently decided to delete the ‘Currently’ page on my blog, in favor of regularly posting about what things we’re reading/listening to…I hope you will enjoy these little updates and please feel free to let me know any wonderful books or music you are enjoying!]

If I didn’t extol it highly enough, you absolutely must know that I adored Bonhoeffer. Since reading that, Eric Metaxas has been one of my top favorite authors. I was delighted to find that he has written some children’s books as well! Recently Kaya and I have loved Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

…it is an educational (even for me!), historical read with an evangelical perspective. It’s on the long-end of my 2 year old’s attention span, but she sits and reads the whole thing with me, which is a high compliment to this story. 🙂 It might be ideal for more upper elementary ages. I love how there is a theme running through that “God had a plan…”

Another Metaxas book that I recently started is his biography of slave trade abolitionist William Wilberforce, entitled Amazing Grace.

I adored the movie of the same title that came out a while ago and thought it high time I read this book. Metaxas has a wonderful way of writing with a very high style and yet making it approachable, accessible, and enjoyable. William Wilberforce is truly one the great heroes of the modern ages and it is inspiring to read about his life.

I really need some lighter fiction reading, and I have read a little Karen Kingsbury, but so far have been disappointed. I may pick up another Austen novel for fun…:)…we’ll see. Recommendations?

On a light & happy note, we’ve been listening to this CD from Jack Johnson in the car lately…

My sister traded me this album for a couple I gave her…and it is so nice to have something cheerful to listen to in the car (not to mention child-friendly! I do miss my country and hip hop radio, but got tired of always changing the station for inappropriate songs…:-/).

I especially like ‘My Little Girl’ for my sweet Kaya! Here’s a video of that song…

“You stole my heart and made it your own…”

And, it seems the whole world is obsessing over this album, but I think it is so obsession-worthy! Mumford and Sons’ Babel. It’s clever, artistic, has flow and ‘crescendo’, rich sound and a little romance.

It’s amazing how listening to good music through the day can make the whole thing feel more meaningful, and fight the drab-ness of a mundane day. This album is that for me… have you listened to it much? What is your favorite song?

My favorite worship song right now if from Sojourn’s Before the Throne album. It’s kind of hard to pick from a fantastic set of worshipful songs, but this one has ministered to my heart in a special way…

I’ll share a live video in closing (I bought it on iTunes and the quality is much better there, but this will give a hint)…

& may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving “In The Shadow of the Glorious Cross”!

❤ jordan


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