the fun things

We had the flu all weekend.

It was the pits. And crawling out of the pits is kind of hard. Starting the week behind, feeling a little weak and sore, barely making it through Monday (acting quite the bear too! *sigh* Mommy is a grump when feeling ill), not having energy or patience for toddler antics…

But today I really feel convicted of celebrating the good things and preparing our hearts for Thanksgiving. Satan would steal our joy by focusing our attention on the way we feel so down, but there are so many good things to thank the Lord for anyway! Here are a few of them:

1. dearer than dear friends

last week we went to oklahoma for a recruiting trip for the school. we got to meet up for a short, sweet lunch with this oldie-but-goodie friend, still in my phone from freshman year as ‘Andrew the great’ (by his own doing! ha ha!)…

it is always amazingly joyful to visit with old friends who are still as on fire for the Lord as ever, and maybe more so. God encouraged us so much by hanging out for just a few hours with this wonderful man after his own heart!

2. thrifty finds

oh you know i love a good thrift store find. this week i found a couple of things i love…

a .50 cent Christmas tin (plus further discount for military monday! ha!) Β | Β $2 shoes for baby boy (baby shoes never cease to…sooo cute!)

a new bag for $7

3. craft time with baby girl (sans-mess or lengthy preparation!)

kaya loves making things. she is always game for a fun craft (loveeeeeee that about her!! oh she is her mama’s girl!!). last week i saw a post on this cute thankfulness wreath craft, and thought it looked fun but didn’t think i’d have time to go shopping for supplies and what not. then i found a kit for $3 at target, and we had a great time, with absolutely zero mama-prep-time. it was a blast putting it together with my little crafter-artiste! πŸ™‚ she is so proud of it hanging in our home too…

thank you, target! $3 wreath kit (may have been on sale too? i don’t remember!)

finished product πŸ™‚

“take more picture of my beautiful leaves, mama!”

sometimes making them happy is just too easy, right? πŸ™‚Β 

Happy Thanksgiving!

❀ jordan

p.s. what are you thankful for today?


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