in which indecision is overcome [& a rug is purchased]

If you follow me on Pinterest, you can breathe a big ol’ sigh of relief! No more pinning of area rugs! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been wanting to get a rug for our living room for about 3 years. Nels finally said, “You’ve wanted it for so long, let’s save and get one!” So we started savingย and last month got a very sweet, random late-wedding gift (wow!) and another gift from a dear family friend, and we put it away in our ‘rug fund’…

And, though I had been casually rug shopping for the last 3 years, I still didn’t know what I wanted. My mom and sister said saturated, reds & browns, floral or patterny…I thought I wanted something neutral, a little on the shag-side that you could really dig your toes into…something rather non-commital so my room colors & decor could change without necessitating another rug purchase…Nels thought a bold ‘statement’ rug would be good too…but then as we were out shopping I think his tastes changed.

Anyway, after much area-rug pinning (I deleted the Pin board, thankyouverymuch – sick of that!) and a Lowe’s – Home Depot – Lowe’s evening, I finally put my double mindedness behind me.

I bought a rug.

I double checked the return policy.

I double checked my pin boards.

I double checked Target’s website.

I reconsidered.

I saved my receipt.

I slept on it.

And I am so keeping it.

Here’s what we ended up buying:

Braided jute.

Not at all what I was expecting. I thought – is that too casual? Will I want to be barefoot on it? Will it be too big? Too small? It is a little casual, but I’ve seen it dressed up well too, and I am absolutely loving the feeling of this rug under my feet. The size is just what we needed.

It was one of the highest quality rugs for the money we were willing to spend. The only thing I don’tย love about it is the contrast (or lack-thereof) between the couch and apartment carpet with the rug. But we want to get a new couch sometime anyway, and we won’t be here permanently…plus I can live with it in the meantime.

(weird pink cast to this photo??? huh)

I love seeing the kids play on it, and I’m not worried about stains or spills. I love that it is ‘neutral’ enough that it doesn’t dictate the colors or other things in the room, but it still has personality. I love how it is ‘us’ perfectly. I love the way a rug pulls a room together and makes it feel cozier. I love being home…<3

[but i still haven’t thrown out the receipt…i have issues, okay!! maybe i’ll hold on to it, just in case! don’t judge me!! ha…:-P]


6 thoughts on “in which indecision is overcome [& a rug is purchased]

  1. I like your rug, but it wont hurt to keep your receipt even tho you really like it. It’s good you have awhile to decide if it really fits your room the way you want it to look, etc and have the option of taking it back. That’s my input. Haha!! Frances

  2. Oh Jordan you make my heart smile…. I too have been looking for that perfect rug so when I saw you collection on Pinterest I was looking at them closely…. enjoy the new look they add so much to a room.

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