thirteen on thursday

thirteen on thursday…hows that for a hippity series title? only there are no series promises here. just scouring my over tired brain for a title…;-) well anyway, here we go!!

1) caramelitasevery bit as incredible as the word itself. ‘caramelitas!’ you know you love it. a friend posted this recipe on twitter or something the other day and i instantly added caramels to my shopping list. it’s a weakness. these are so yummy. you’ll forget about any other bar/cookie/candy thing you’ve ever had.

2) oh my veggies | a vegetarian food blog. now that i told you about our obvious “cheat” for this week, you’ve heard that we’re eating largely a plant-based diet now, right? (except for my renegade husband who called me from St. Louis while eating an 18oz steak. seriously.) we’re not holding to it religiously (clearly!), but i really like it as long as i plan ahead. this blog has given me a little inspiration. looking forward to trying this soup soon!

3) audio Bible. you know how awesome and easy it is to listen to the Bible on your computer or phone, iPod, etc, right? Go to and click ‘listen’ or just download the ‘Holy Bible’ app. i am supposed to read Acts & all the Pauline letters 3x in the next 3 weeks for a class and just as I was about to despair I realized…no problem. and, listening to Scripture aloud totally changes the atmosphere in your home. try it.

4) Kansas City. can we just talk about how much i love our city. i love it. like if (when) we ever have to move away, it had better be to the wild west or africa, because we live in an incredible city. incredible! here is a fun list of 50 things to do with your kids in the kc area — lots of fun, check it out!

5) reading material. i devour good books. i love reading, and i am always looking for great recommendations. this recommended biographies of Christian women was just what i was needing in that regard. i quickly ordered a couple of them…at this time in life i am really hungry for some faith-building material and some believing women to look up to as examples…

6) pilgrim’s progress. speaking of good reads, i’m re-reading pilgrim’s progress. if you follow me on twitter and find random very epic sounding quotes from time to time, this is where it’s from! 😉 what an inspired work!…it is so convicting. so soul-nourishing. and i revel in the old english. 🙂

“That proverb, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, is of more authority with them than are all the Divine testimonies of the good world to come.”

“Secondly, Thou must abhor his labouring to render the cross odious unto thee; for thou art to prefer it ‘before the treasures in Egypt.'”

“…ye cannot be justified by the works of the law; for by the deeds of the law no man living can be rid of his burden: therefore, Mr. Worldly Wiseman is an alien, and Mr. Legality is a cheat; and for his son Civility, notwithstanding his simpering looks, he is but a hypocrite and cannot help thee…”

7) this Sunday…will be Nels’ 3rd preaching at our church. tonight he’s busy studying Galatians and preparing the message. i’m proud of him, and it makes me happy to see him pour himself into this meaningful work. 🙂

8) halloween. i don’t actually like the holiday (like, at all), but i have been praying for opportunities to talk with local moms about the Lord and just strike up conversation in general…and the kiddos already had cute costumes…so i kind of/sort of participated this year? here are my sweet babes…


9) superman is teething. big awful molar teething. as if pregnancy and giving birth were not enough, we get teething and fevers and sleepless nights thrown in. oh well…at least it makes for lots of cuddlin’!

10) civilians. i don’t think i’ve mentioned it on my blog yet…but we are officially on our way to getting out of the National Guard. i couldn’t be any happier about the fact that my man will not be heading to Afghanistan any time soon, and i’m also really proud of the work he has done during the last 5 years as a chaplain candidate. this throws all of our life plans out of whack, but it also opens up a lot of potential doors that we never thought would be possible because of military responsibilities…soooo…here comes a new phase of life!…praise the Lord.

11) IKEA. you’ve heard that ikea is coming, yes?!? oh happy day.

12) table runner. i need to get a new one. i loved my last one so much and it’s in shreds…but there are commitment issues to work through 😉 plus…

clean & classic?

something a little different?

seasonal & harvesty? others? thoughts?

13) voting…next week! local friends, you can find sample ballots and election stuff here.

have a great friday/weekend!! ❤

“Here is a poor burdened sinner. I come from the City of Destruction, but am going to Mount Zion…”   ❤



2 thoughts on “thirteen on thursday

  1. Hi Jordan! I’m not sure if you remember me or not — Amy used-to-be-Fincham — I know your family from many years ago 🙂 Your sister posted a link to your blog on Facebook and I’ve enjoyed reading it! I just had to hop on here and say that I sooo miss living in the KC area! My hubby and I have often talked about moving there…but my family is here 😉 Anyway, enjoy reading your thoughts! Your family is adorable 🙂

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