Autumn 2012

I think October may be my favorite month.

(At least in this state.)

The weather is finally tolerable, the grass is green again, and the leaves are starting to turn.

My sweet honey is all excited for hunting season. And I am all excited because basketball season will be here soon.

My favorite issues of Better Homes & Gardens and Martha Stewart Living are gorgeous and full of crafty and yummy fall ideas.

School is in full swing and so is our routine. We’re breaking out the boots and scarves (and maybe trying leggings?). The apples are ripe and so are the pumpkins! Cool weather greens are flourishing in the garden.

AND…the excitement of Christmas is just barely around the corner. ❤

It has been a very busy season for us, but it has been wonderful too! Here are a few photos from Autumn 2012…(so far!)

(here comes photo overload! ha! — ❤ jordan)

notice my enormous clown feet. thankyouverymuch.

study/date night 🙂

baking with pumpkin!

sweet time with my girl


love ❤

handsome boys at the pumpkin patch!

hayrack ride cuddles

decisions, decisions!

daddy’s always in camo these days! 🙂

alright. mama was a lil nervous about this one. HA!

shopping/coffee/fro-yo date with Cici & my cheeseball baby girl!

“it’s only a pumpkin moon”…what the?!? :-p


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