1 Year Photos

This boy is turning 1 a week from today!

My heart is sputtering praise and thankfulness and disbelief.

This boy is chubby thighs and dirty finger nails and gutteral growls…

He’s chalk-eating and consternation and scrunchy-nose-faces…

He is daddy’s look-a-like and sissy’s biggest fan…

He is awkward-lean-in-kisses, un-raveller of the toilet paper, mad splasher of the tub…

He’s “don’t hold me too tight,” and “i’m going to spill that” and “no, i am much too busy to look at your camera”…

He’s cherubic blonde & blue. He’s “I want Papa Neal” and “you better share that banana with me.”

He’s clappy hands and dance moves and banging blocks and eight teeth much-labored-over…

He’s blubbery, content lap-lump and snuggle-bug…

He’s in my heart for good.

Here’s to celebrating you, little one…and all the things God has in store for your precious life.

treasuring all these things up in my heart,



2 thoughts on “1 Year Photos

  1. Looking forward to celebrating his first year. He is an adorable, “all-boy”. As you put it, there is much to give praise and thankfulness and I’m so pleased he is being brought up in the Lord. Love, Gma Kris


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