talkative two’s

A few of my lively baby girl’s recent funny/memorable lines…

“Huddy, when you’re a big girl you can have big girl panties and candy and stickers too!!”

“Mama, what are you doing? Me and Huddy are just chillin’.”

[a fly bothering her & her breakfast…] “Get out of here, you crappy bug!” :-/

[seeing her flower girl dress for the first time] “It’s for my wedding!”

“And Huddy’s going to be three too!” “No, Huddy will be one, you will be three!”  “No. I don’t want to be three.”

“Peace out, Mama.”

“We need to make our recipes!”

“Is this your booty, mama? Your booty’s squishy, mama.” (to which Nels replied: “your head is squishy, kaya”)

“You’re so pretty, mama.”

{on a very hot day..} “We need to make the sun stop. STOP SUN!” {no response from sun..} “We ask daddy to fix it when he comes home.”

“Huddy’s being naughty to me!” (about 7,000,000x a day)

“Jesus had to die on the cross.” ❤

“K-A-Y-A spells YUMMY!!”

“I’ll be 3?”   “Yep, in January, you will be 3.”   “How old are you be, mama?”  “In the spring, after my birthday, I’ll be 24.”   “Yeah! I’ll be 3 and you’ll be 4!!”

{perusing Cabela’s – or ‘bela’s’ catalog…} “I love deer and hunting clothes alllll day.”

“You’re so cheesy, mama!”

“Are we going, mama-booty?”

[“tucking in” Nels & Hudson] “Sleep well, little ones.”

“There’s my baby, my Huddy.” [blowing kisses to sleeping Hudson]

enjoying a sweaty day at the St. Louis zoo 🙂


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