Printable Pick-me-up’s…

SO. recently i got some disappointing news. we had applied for a 3 bedroom apartment on campus, but there are none available right now. *sigh* no dishwasher, washer/dryer or guest room for me. at least not right now.

i was feeling a little glum about that news earlier this week and felt like i needed to bit of a change in the house, but didn’t have any $$ to spend, and really very little time to dedicate to it either. sooo…i came up with this fun idea…there are tons of great FREE printables online. i had a few extra frames lying around and hopefully will pick up a few more at a thrift store soon and maybe spray paint them if they need it. anyway, here are a few of my favorites that i found. check them out and print them off if your house (or maybe your attitude, like mine!) needs a teensy facelift. 😉 enjoy!

I love this print from Galatians! Wouldn’t it be cute hanging on a kitchen wall? And who doesn’t need a more Scripture-saturated home?! Download it here for free.

This one is fun too…perfect for approaching Autumn/Thanksgiving time! I’m not sure where i’ll display this one. It would be a fun addition to your fall mantle if you have one! Download available here.

A whole list of simple, bright Bible art prints are available at The Flourishing Abode…I like this one a lot:

And you may have seen these circulating on Pinterest

These fun kids’ bathroom prints are found (available for free download) here. 🙂

How do you add a little joy and love and happy to your home when you’re feeling glum? 

❤ jordan cristine

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