on algebra and running

School began last week and it is rough going so far. I am hopeful that after a week or two I’ll catch on to the routine and it’ll start to feel great, but right now I have a major academic side-ache.

In addition to taking 9 hours for college credit, I recently added a couch-to-5k program to my agenda. I picked this lovely little training schedule, but had to start on week 3 as my 5k event is in mid-October. I thought it’d be no big deal, but as I was pulling my rear along behind me only about 3 minutes in on a 93 degree afternoon, I realized this ain’t gonna be easy.

School didn’t sound so bad either. Two external (independent) study courses and one online algebra class, a great babysitter and two mornings a week to get all my work done! Then I read my syllabi. Then Hudson screamed and looked at me like I kicked him in the face when I dropped him off. Then I could hardly focus for missing my babies. Then my math professor said I should expect to spend 8 hours a week working problems because the course is only 8 weeks long. Then I realized I have forgotten every ounce of mathematic knowledge I once had. Then my brain felt exhausted from twisting in doing number contortions.

And yet…somehow…all this pain feels good?! Not really. When I was running and realizing how miserably slow I am and how I should have waited longer after dinner, *et cetera et cetera et cetera!* my side ached horribly. But knowing that I was running again! Knowing that after a few weeks of conditioning this will be easier and my body will change, knowing that I am doing this for a great cause, etc…it feels really good! And knowing that I am sharpening my mind and re-learning problem solving and critical thinking skills feels good too. Even though I mostly hate it. It takes a lot for me to buckle down and focus on it. I know the rigor and discipline is going to challenge me and cause me to dig deeper.

Already this semester has me talking with the Lord a lot more…Help Kaya to obey her babysitter! Please help Hudson to take a good nap. God, help me with this enormous set of insane algebraic equations! Please, Lord, help me to keep pushing and finish this mile. 

You have to feel your weakness before you can get stronger.

I am really hoping that the Lord will strengthen me, sharpen me, keep me motivated and help me get my mind and body back in shape this semester! And I would appreciate your prayers along those lines…:)

❤ jc

P.S.: I am running this 5k that supports the wonderful Rachel House. You should do it too! 😉

P.S.S.: Since posting this, a friend sent me a new 5K running plan…if you’re interested in trying it, let me know and I’ll send it to you!


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