Cartwright Family Photos

The other family we took some photos of this summer was the wonderful Cartwright fam! God has put them in our lives in a very big way and very suddenly. They are our neighbors, Kevin is Nels’ coworker and Jessica babysits the kids for me twice a week while I am in school! Recently they returned from serving as missionaries in Africa, because their youngest child has had some health complications. They are some of the sweetest, most genuine, open people we’ve ever met. We’ve only known them for a couple of months, but we love them very much (Kaya especially loves their oldest two kiddos!) and it was a privilege to photograph them during this memorable time in their lives.

The three main things we learned on this shoot: 1) chill the heck out with that light reflector before you blind somebody!! 2) the light reflector is a great tool for lighting up faces that are shadowed, esp. in a big group, and 3) when kids are involved, keep the session short, sweet & fun!

Hope you enjoy these photos of the beautiful (and super photogenic!) Cartwright family! Props to Jessica who did the hard work of getting 5 people looking beautiful and smiley on one of the hottest days of the year!

…and Kaya wanted so bad to be in one of their pictures, so we let her be a “Cartwright” for a couple of shots! 🙂

What a joy to get to know this beautiful family that is doing great things for the kingdom of God!

❤ jc


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