Culp Maternity Photos

This summer Nels and I enjoyed taking some family photos for a couple of friends of ours. We wanted to give them a gift and we wanted to gain a little experience in family photography. It was a blast! We learned that it takes a lot of time to do a photography session (before, during, after!) and that we don’t want to do a side-business right now, but maybe down the road. We experimented some with our reflector, different lenses, a bunch of poses and working together to help our subjects relax and enjoy their photo shoot, plus a lot of sorting and some light editing afterwards.

The first session we did was with Justin and Amy Culp. They are an awesome couple! Their son, Ezekiel, is due in October and I will *Lord-willing* be present in the delivery room when he is born in the event that Amy’s mom cannot make it in time from Georgia. Amy has been one of my best friends through all our college and seminary years. Her passion for the Lord and His people is inspiring and contagious! I am thrilled for her that she married such a fun, lively, godly man in Justin. They were married a year ago and plan to move to Sudan next year to serve the Lord in missions work. Check out their blog for more about that!

And, without further ado…here are some of my favorites from their shoot!

Nothing more exciting than a life serving the LORD…AND a new life on the way!

We love you Justin, Amy & Ezekiel!! 🙂

❤ jc


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